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Do you enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking, biking, backpacking, or just being outdoors?  Do you want to learn leadership skills first hand while having a great time?  If so, then Troop 19 may be the place for you!  Under the direction of Scoutmaster John Bucchiere III, Troop 19 is an active, vigorous organization providing scouts with opportunities for leadership development, service to the community, personal growth, and lots of fun, too.  Examples of Troop 19 activities from past years are listed under the "About Us" link.  We hope you'll agree that great things are happening within our troop.

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Bottleshed this Saturday 5/28

Posted on May 27 2022 - 12:07am

8:00 AM at the Troop 19 bottleshed. The shed is very full and we need a solid crew to empty it out. Dress for the weather, bring a water bottle, and be ready to hit the ground running.

Memorial Day Ceremony - Monday May 30th

Posted on May 27 2022 - 12:06am

Please arrive at 10:30 AM at the Flint Library to assemble for the 2022 Memorial Day Ceremony. Class A uniforms are required for this event. Troop 19 will be providing the color guard for the ceremony. The ceremony begins at 11:00 AM sharp, and will run for about 30 minutes. Immediately afterwards there will be a collation at the American Legion Hall and all Scouts and family members are welcome to attend.

Sign up here: Memorial Day Ceremony May 30th

Tip # 5 - It takes a team, family and village

Posted on May 27 2022 - 12:06am

The Scouting community is AWESOME. Here is a group of people who love to have fun, help others, and be adventurous! But all those adventures need drivers, and volunteer projects need adults, and everyone loves to have fun - both kids and adults. There are lots of little jobs that need to be done - not by scouts. We need more parents to pick up some of those little jobs. Back 5 or 6 years ago each committee meeting would have 10-15 parents, alumni and former scout leaders who would come and give their input. Every viewpoint was incredibly valuable to help provide the best scouting program for our kids. This is why we need new adults to join the Troop Committee and the ranks of adult leadership. Half of the current regular committee members have scouts in college and no longer come to regular meetings. This is where new parents are needed to step up. Your input of what your family wants to do is more important that us re-living what our kids liked to do. Our village needs to grow and revolve around current scouts. There is so much more to scouting than just the troop meetings.

Come to Troop Committee meetings and see all of the behinds the scenes activities, planning, accountings, reporting, etc. Small jobs by many parents makes everything in the troop run smoothly - and then no one is left doing everything! That leads to burnout and not good for anyone. Please understand, if there are no parent volunteers, there are no fun trips. When parents don’t want to join in adventures to camp or canoeing or zip lining, our kids don’t get to do those either. Scouting is for the kids, but Adults get so much more out of making wonderful connections, new friends, learning key tips not only about scouting but about high school and colleges. Our village can be super helpful in times of need, times of sorrow we will be here for you - but we have to know who you are. Come have fun with the troop - you really are not intruding on your scouts' activity - this is your activity too and you get to share some amazing memories with your scouts! Please step up and be part of the village!

Tip #4 Record Keeping...

Posted on May 17 2022 - 10:37am

As a Scout, you are responsible for your own record-keeping. This means keeping your Scout Handbook up to date with sign offs and tracking your work. Do NOT rely on the troop to keep track of all your achievements! We are all volunteers and try our best, and well, sometimes things happen, computer hard drives crash, memories fade and you know “life happens”! So make sure you stay on top of RECORDING everything in your handbook! Parents you can look through and talk to you scouts about activities that they have done, maybe encourage them to find a 1st Class Scout or above to get requirements signed off. Parents you help you scouts learn keep track of camping nights, volunteer (service) hours, and merit badges that they earn in their handbook. And about merit badges - get a three ring binder and some baseball or Pokemon card protectors and every time your scout gets a merit badge put the card that it comes with and the merit badge (until it is sewn on a sash) in the book for safe keeping. Also, you will get a variety of cards for achievements and temporary patches that can be added to the notebook when not being worn. The only ones you need to have with you are your Totin' Chip and Firem'n Chit! Laminate them and carry with you in your daypack!

WHY do you need to keep track of these things? Advancement & Merit Badge requirements. Some merit badges need a record of miles hiked, miles rode on a bike, camping nights, and service hours. For Advancement there are requirements for nights of camping, meals prepared, and at least one hike. You need to have a record and if your scout becomes a Life Scout on the road to Eagle they will need to verify all those dates when merit badges were earned, numbers of nights of camping, etc.

So KEEP GOOD RECORDS!! Each advancement is worthy of celebration no matter how far each scout goes!

Whitewater Trip Updates

Posted on May 6 2022 - 11:09am

I am attaching updated details (pdf) regarding our planned Whitewater Trip 5/20-5/22. If you are unable to open this document and you want to open it let me know.

Whitewater Rafting and Camping - May 20-22

Posted on May 3 2022 - 8:13am

Time is running out for registration for this trip. Contact Mrs. Sulzinsky ASAP if you want to attend this epic new trip! Remember, attendance is contingent on the Scout having passed the BSA Swim Test.

Troop 19 is heading out west for a new adventure this spring! We'll be spending the weekend in Charlemont MA on the Deerfield River for a day on the river in inflatable kayaks! We will be camping outside in tents for the weekend. The scouts will be working on the Whitewater Merit Badge and will receive a partial until Kayaking Merit Badge is completed (Think summer camp!!)

Please sign up ASAP as spots are filling fast! Attendance is contingent on scout having passed the BSA swim test.

Once registered the scouts/adults that are signed up they are responsible for price of event and camping. If cancellation happens within 10 days of event they will also be responsible for food costs even if not attending.

Any questions? Contact Mrs. Sulzinsky/Julie julieland2002@gmail.com, 978-317-6077

For registration and all of the details, go here: Whitewater Rafting and Camping - May 20-22